Reading Group

The Reading Group is our weekly meeting to present and discuss exciting contributions from the community.

It currently takes place every Thursday at 12:00 PM (Milan). For more info, feel free to reach out.

Upcoming Program

Date Presenter Paper
May-30 Carolin -
Jun-6 Anne -
Jun-13 Flor -

See below for past talks.

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Past Talks

Date Presenter Paper
Sep 14 Giuseppe The Belebele Benchmark: a Parallel Reading Comprehension Dataset in 122 Language Variants
Sep 21 Karina CrowS-Pairs: A Challenge Dataset for Measuring Social Biases in Masked Language Models
Sep 21 Debora Do Multilingual Language Models Think Better in English?
Oct 5 Amanda Knowing About Knowing: An Illusion of Human Competence Can Hinder Appropriate Reliance on AI Systems
Oct 12 Kai Analyzing Polarization in Social Media: Method and Application to Tweets on 21 Mass Shootings
Oct 19 Dirk Can AI-Generated Text be Reliably Detected?
Oct 26 Lorenzo The uselessness of AI ethics
Nov 2 Serena Topic Modeling in Embedding Spaces
Nov 9 Carolin SelfCheckGPT: Zero-Resource Black-Box Hallucination Detection for Generative Large Language Models
Nov 16 Donya Time Travel in LLMs: Tracing Data Contamination in Large Language Models
Nov 23 Paul Towards Evaluating AI Systems for Moral Status Using Self-Reports
Jan 18 Flor Can Large Language Models Transform Computational Social Science?
Jan 25 Giuseppe Patchscopes: A Unifying Framework for Inspecting Hidden Representations of Language Models
Feb 1 Amanda Regulation and NLP (RegNLP): Taming Large Language Models (
Feb 8 Anne What is ‘Typological Diversity’ in NLP?
Feb 15 Carolin Multilingual Pixel Representations for Translation and Effective Cross-lingual Transfer
Feb 22 Lorenzo Value Kaleidoscope: Engaging AI with Pluralistic Human Values, Rights, and Duties
Feb 29 Paul A Roadmap to Pluralistic Alignment
Mar 7 Dirk The Generative AI Paradox: “What It Can Create, It May Not Understand”
Mar 14 Donya Mission: Impossible Language Models
Mar 28 Mikel Language Model Tokenizers Introduce Unfairness Between Languages
Apr 4 Derya KG-GPT: A General Framework for Reasoning on Knowledge Graphs Using Large Language Models
Apr 11 Emanuele scGPT: Towards Building a Foundation Model for Single-Cell Multi-omics Using Generative AI
Apr 18 Kai Improving Wikipedia verifiability with AI
Apr 25 Michele Fairwashing: the risk of rationalization
May-9 Janis Synthetic Data Generation with Large Language Models for Text Classification: Potential and Limitations
May-19 Amanda QUANTIFYING LANGUAGE MODELS’ SENSITIVITY TO SPURIOUS FEATURES IN PROMPT DESIGN or: How I learned to start worrying about prompt formatting