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Dirk Hovy

Associate Professor


Tommaso Fornaciari


Direttore Tecnico Superiore della Polizia di Stato


Kilian Theil

Visiting Researcher



Pietro Lesci

Bain & Company



Incorporating Demographic Factors into Natural Language Processing Models

Twitter Healthy Conversations

Devising Metrics for Assessing Echo Chambers, Incivility, and Intolerance on Twitter

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On the Gap between Adoption and Understanding in NLP

August, 2021
There are some issues with current research trends in NLP that can hamper the free development of scientific research. We identify five …

Pre-training is a Hot Topic: Contextualized Document Embeddings Improve Topic Coherence

August, 2021
Topic models extract groups of words from documents, whose interpretation as a topic hopefully allows for a better understanding of the …

Five sources of bias in natural language processing

August, 2021
Recently, there has been an increased interest in demographically grounded bias in natural language processing (NLP) applications. Much …

Exposing the limits of Zero-shot Cross-lingual Hate Speech Detection

August, 2021
Reducing and counter-acting hate speech on Social Media is a significant concern. Most of the proposed automatic methods are conducted …

'We will Reduce Taxes' - Identifying Election Pledges with Language Models

August, 2021
In an election campaign, political parties pledge to implement various projects–should they be elected. But do they follow …